on this site I'll show you some sites I use for crypto currencies
some of this sites are Onion sites, to access them you'll have to use the Tor-Browser
!!! always be sure to download it from the original developers sites !!!
all sites I use frequently and never had any problems with them

the first site I use is
I use this site to buy Bitcoins
although it's not cheap, but it has the advantage to buy Bitcoins using Paypal
and you don't need to verify your identity using your I.D.

to check the status of Bitcoin transactions I use
you can enter a Bitcoin address an see its status

to have an anonymous Bitcoin wallet I used market places on the dark net for a long time like
Dream Market
this market places are legal to visit als long as you don't buy any illegal goods
but you must be aware that such sites may get shut down by the authorities
if they are able to trace their identity and then all your money is lost
(I know from experience)

for some time I now use
it is a stock market for crypto currencies on the dark net
I love this site, because it is anonymous and you can create wallets for a bunch of crypto coins
this is a great place to buy different crypto currencies for a low tax rate
actually it has the lowest tax rates I found so far
there is nothing illegal offered on this site, so there is no risk for a shut-down by the authorities
if you need secure wallets for different currencies or want to exchange coins (maybe to break the blockchain)
this site is highly recommended


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